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Application Features

Support multi file type

SPN Reader support most popular ebook format: epub, mobi (kindle format), fb2, html, rtf, msdoc and txt (plant text).

Strong & Powerful reader

Fast and more powerful tools: bookmark, search, dictionary, multi localize, file manager,...

Highly customizable

Easily to customize reading experience in the settings reader screen or quick settings in the reader mode.

Free to use

You can use all features and manage your book without any limitation or subscription.

What Our Users Are Saying

Keep working to provide a good user experience. We are really glad that you like our product.
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S Sarah Zulvi

Great app for reading e-book all this time.

S Stephan Knull

Great app finds also books on the sdcard. Highly configurable even with stylesheets. Good job!

T Tonny

I read my ebook at night. So Awesome with a Night Mode reader. Thanks.

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Download SPN Reader: Free eBook Reader on Google Play